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Design Process for UX Designers 2024

I make scribbles user-friendly

I'm a Vancouver-based freelance Product Designer with over 5 years of experience. I've led the product and design strategy for over 19+ startups.
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I've refined my process through countless projects and years of experience in academic and professional settings. See how my design process can support your next project!
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No design task is too big... or too small

I believe product design needs to be scalable. That’s why I plan my work with the biggest screen and smallest device in mind.
Dashboards that were meant to be used on large format displays like ultrawide monitors.
Landing pages that stay beautiful across desktop and mobile.
Purpose-built designs and user interfaces for portable hardware.
Displaying valuable information with practical use-cases on small screens.

Each step of my design process is iterative and carefully crafted

The product design process is a series of iterative steps that are needed for shaping any digital product's UI and UX. It allows product designers like myself to follow reliable and repeatable procedures to ensure the delivery of user-centered products.
How it serves you
Together, we’ll identify your target audience and business issues to address. Scheduled meetings with all relevant stakeholders shape the foundation of your product, yielding feature lists, sitemaps, and low-fi sketches.
In this step, my goal is to thoroughly understand your users and their needs. We will conduct user/market research, interviews and surveys to inform strategies like customer journey mapping and competitive analysis. This fosters insights that are essential for aligning products or services with your target audience.
After thorough research of your target users, market, and competitors, we begin brainstorming ideas for your product. We’ll jump straight into detailed sketches and early wireframes, working together collaboratively.
Trust in my full-stack understanding and experience
Rely on my grasp and expertise in full-stack development for a design process that keeps the entire product team and relevant stakeholders involved.
Project Management
Experience managing countless projects for various startups ensures smooth execution, timely delivery, and alignment with your goals.
Product Design
Over 6 years of experience and leadership in crafting user experiences across 19+ successful products as the principal product designer.
Full-stack Development
Knowledge in modern development frameworks and low-code tools enable me to design and communicate with developers in mind.
Digital Marketing
A thorough understanding of lean branding principals, will help your projects get launched quickly and into user’s hands.

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